Posted by: Michelle Stella Riordan | January 25, 2011

…And in the end, it wasn’t me that rescued a dog…

…And in the end, it wasn’t me that rescued a dog, it was a dog that rescued my life, my dreams and my world!

A day came when I was told a Rottweiler was at the Ocean City Humane Society Shelter. I stopped by to play with him, knowing that many had come in to claim him. The director allowed me to take him for a walk and we knew we were meant for one another. Unconditional love…it’s a powerful thing. I was fortunate that Titan found me. He was my travel companion. We went to the beach to watch many sunrises, we went to the bank for dog cookies, he sat under my desk licking my jeans while I edited images on the computer, and at the end of the day, we watched many sunsets together. He wanted the UPS man with a passion but settled for head butting the packages left for me. My gentle giant…The Mighty Titan.
Titan: The largest moon of Saturn


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