Posted by: Michelle Stella Riordan | February 16, 2011

Spring Cleaning….

From Wikipedia, the free dictionary:

Spring cleaning is the period in Spring time set aside for cleaning a house, normally applied in climates with a cold winter.

The most common usage of spring cleaning refers to the yearly act of cleaning a house from top to bottom which would take place in the first warm days of the year typically in spring, hence the name. However it has also come to be synonymous with any kind of heavy-duty cleaning or organizing enterprise. A person who gets their affairs in order before an audit or inspection could be said to be doing some spring cleaning.”

I apply this basic principle of Spring Cleaning, to my photography projects.  This is a time of year to update your look.  Some of you should get rid of the 20-year-old glamour head shot on your business card (You know and I know you don’t look like that anymore) or it might be time to freshen up the images on your website.  We all get stuck in the day-to-day business of well, running the business.  Giving yourself a new look always makes you feel better.  Just ask any woman coming out of a salon. 

Organizing and updating your image gallery shouldn’t be an overwhelming task.  Don’t look at the entire field instead concentrate on a smaller area for cultivating.  If you’re an architect or a builder, there’s always that one job you are most fond of.  Pick a couple of those images. Need new images?  Call a professional photographer.  (Like how I slipped that in?) If you’re an actor, a singer or in a band get some new headshots.  You have maybe 5 seconds to have your photograph make an impression on an agent. 

Head shot collage

Spring is March 20th.

 I can’t make you start a Spring cleaning checklist but I can remind you to vacuum under the refrigerator!

If you don’t, you might find these guys lurking…



Daydream of a Nightmare




  1. Can I steal this and talk about spring cleaning your business? Love how integrated this with photography and, yes, how you promoted using a professional photographer! Great post Michelle.

  2. that is so cool!!!! I still have a lil more then a few of your cards and on my next film or casting call ,,speaking or non speaking I’ll be handing them out…thanks Doll!! have a great evening, Jamie

    • Thanks Jamie. I have to give a huge shout out for Jamie Camarota. He’s is the model used in this piece and he just finished working on a Stephen King movie. Tell all of your friends that you saw him here first. Way to go Jamie!!!

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