Posted by: Michelle Stella Riordan | April 4, 2011

Paging Michelle: Party of One…

Paging Michelle:  Party of One…


Ahh…The life of the Self Employed.

We are the envy of the cubicle clan…or are we?

When I explain to someone that I am self-employed, the response always seems to be, “Wow, it must be great to work when you want to!”


While there may be those photographers that have time for lunches, eating bon-bons and getting their nails done, I have spent 20 years learning how to discipline myself and be efficient.  Not an easy task when you see a cloud float by and you need to follow it and photograph it. 


So, I decided to list all of the reasons I stay self-employed:


~ No gossip at the water cooler …heck, I don’t even have a water cooler

~ LOUD MUSIC….Led Zeppelin or Holst; doesn’t matter.

~ The only talk about downsizing is from a 16×20 to an 11×14…

~ Doesn’t matter if my socks match

~ I can laugh at the obnoxious jokes other photogs send me

~ I can take personal calls

~ I can NOT take personal calls

~ I don’t expect benefits, a raise or a vacation. 

~ Christmas party can be called a “CHRISTMAS PARTY”


Photography By Exposure


The optimist says the glass is half full.

The pessimist says the glass is half empty.

The entrepreneur sees the glass is undervalued by half of its potential.

The dog just wonders;  can he eat the glass or will you throw it so he can bring it back.

The cat wonders; is this a trick….poison perhaps?

The photographer sees the reflections and needs to spend the next 2 hours photographing the reflections.


What do you see?


Michelle Stella Riordan…ever the optimistic photographer

Photography By Exposure

Special Events photographer

Corporate, Portfolios, Aerials, Family Portraits

Studio and On Location; Beach Portraits


Special Events Photographer



  1. Excellent! But you didn’t mention to short commute – oh, right!

  2. While you don’t expect benefits, your list sounds like a pretty darn good benefits package to me!

  3. Yes, I forgot the short commute, Jamie. I forget it because I am always on the road shooting.

    Thanks Jim. There are pros and cons to everything.

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