Posted by: Michelle Stella Riordan | April 6, 2011

It’s hip to be square…

It’s hip to be square…



Have you ever seen an image in your head, photographed it then look and say, ‘Not what I expected’? 

We all have. 

The difference is that photographers work an image to DEATH!!!!

We don’t stop at one, ten or 50 images sometimes. 

For instance;

this particular morning was heavily overcast. 

I loved the drama dripping from the cloud formation.  I could not drive anywhere to get to a wide open space. 

Turns out kids don’t like to be abandoned.  Who knew?  But I digress…


Photography By Exposure

4×6 Horizontal Image  


This was ok.  Nothing great.  But I wanted more. 

So I went vertical. 


Photography By Exposure

 4×6 Vertical Image


This gave me more drama…Love Elemental drama.

I was able to crop out unwanted items on the right side.  This gave me texture…layers upon layers of cloud formation. 

It spoke to me.

But I wanted more.


Photography By Exposure

 Square crop 6×6


This now reminded me of the Horsehead Nebula in Orion

Astronomy: Orion the Hunter

When I was given my first camera at the tender age of 13…(yes I was tender once), the best tips from a great friend of the family and a professional photographer in NYC told me the best way to understand f/ stops and shutter speeds was to photograph clouds.  My head has always been in the clouds.  I like it there. 


Latin Root












curl of hair



fair weather cumulus





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