Posted by: Michelle Stella Riordan | April 18, 2011

Why photography shouldn’t be a pain in the neck…

Why photography shouldn’t be a pain in the neck…


Our clients may be a pain in the neck…figuratively.  But that’s it.

Over the years, I have noticed many colleagues suffering from multiple issues;  neck pain, back pain, shoulder pain, etc.  I also know many photographers who have had back or shoulder surgery.  I have spent my years avoiding this. 

My Entourage consists of: a podiatrist, a chiropractor and a masseuse.  Add in years of working out and yoga and I’ve been fortunate to avert most of these issues.  With that said, years of traveling, hauling 40-50 pounds of equipment and twisting my body like Gumby has caught up with me.  I had a rotator cuff issue. 

Enter; Jim, Lisa and the amazing crew at Advantage Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation.


I asked them for specific Tog Tips (Tog is short for photographer)

Does this scene look familiar?

Head forward, shoulders rounded, shoulder blades winging out = Pain in the neck = weak upper back muscles!!!

Incorrect footing!!!

Bad Posture.

Mom was right after all…good posture is the key!


So the crew at Advantage Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation advises:

~ Good posture

~ Feet hip width apart

~ Put camera and bags down every 45 minutes (if possible)

~ Stretch for 5 minutes (if possible)

~ Strengthen your upper back muscles

Photography By Exposure



If you have shoulder issues, numbness, tingling, radiating pain….


I hate going to doctors.  There, I said it.  You’re thinking the same thing.  I would rather spend the time PREVENTING the pain than have someone tell me to take medication.


Back up your health!  (get it?)


Special Thanks:

Lisa Kerrigan, MSPT

Jim Aram, MBA – Administrator

Carrie Sinskie, Office coordinator ~ our model

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  1. Michelle,

    Love the finished product. Carrie is now a blogosphere star! Absolutely love the work you’ve done for us & all you do to support causes in the community.


    • Thank you Jim. I have you to ‘Thank’ for the awesome collaboration and I have you to look up to as a pillar in the community. You, Lisa and the entire crew at Advantage are an asset to Prince William County.

  2. […] Why Photography Shouldn’t Be a Pain in the Neck… […]

  3. Love the partnership here, especially how Jim got you to do the writing! Well done.

    • Thanks Jamie. It was a challenge for me to write something of this nature so it was a great partnership. I’ll make Jim write the next round. Always looking for a challenge!

  4. This is very helpful and combining the photography with the PT blog the way you have worked well.
    PS. I hate going to doctors, too.

    • Same here, Pat. I’ll take Jim Aram and Advantage Physical Therapy over any doctor any time!!!!

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