Posted by: Michelle Stella Riordan | April 20, 2011

Summer Memories at the Jersey Shore…

Summer Memories at the Jersey Shore…


You may only have one week, two weeks or a month off to play but hiring a professional photographer to capture your summer memories at the Jersey Shore will last a lifetime.   Be a kid.  Dig in the sand, bury someone’s feet or jump waves. 

 Come play with me in the sand.                      For the Loves of Your Life…

What is your greatest summer memory…?


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  1. Ahh… The innocence of youth! I’d never thought of using a photographer on a vacation but it makes a lot of sense. I have very few pictures of the vacations with my kids. Too busy managing the chaos to fool with the camera.

    • ‘Managing Chaos’ is a perfect term for summer memories.

      Tips for taking your camera to the beach:
      Keep camera in a zip lock bag or something to keep it free from moisture and sand
      Always keep the lens cap on when not shooting.
      Clean lens before going to the beach with approved lens tissue and cleaner
      If camera falls into the sand, take it home, and attempt to blow out the sand (can of Blow Off or a very light setting on hair dryer)
      If Camera falls into the water; immediately remove the battery and media card. Let dry out. Call camera repair.

      Download and back up all photos that have been sitting in the camera since last summer!!!!

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