Posted by: Michelle Stella Riordan | May 10, 2011

Change your altitude…

Change your altitude…

Aerial Photography.


Aerial Photography in a Mooney Screaming Eagle.

What a fast plane.  I learn so much every time I get in a plane with Cris.  Cris is my pilot, my friend, my business mentor and amazing all around business guru.  I am very fortunate to know him and count him as my confidante.  Turns out, I’ll tell you anything you want to know as we’re spiraling down at over 200 mph!  I’ll even tell you if my socks don’t match. 

Aerial photograph of Ocean City, New Jersey

Ocean City, New Jersey


Aerial Photography with this plane presented new challenges.  It is not a high winged plane.  The wing is below me but thankfully, not right below me.  There was also the issue that only the pilot’s side window would open but that’s ok.  Cris is an instructor and can sit on the passenger side.  He kept asking me if I was ready to do the take off and I reminded him that we wanted to live.  I’ll stick to what I’m good at…shooting and stupid humor!  


Cris and I goofing off

Flight of the Navigator.


Communication is vital when you’re trusting your life to another person…especially when he banks hard to come around!  Cris is amazing at understanding the correct angle I need to shoot out of a 6 inch window.  Yes, I said 6 inches.  In case you don’t think that’s a challenge; cut a 4×6 opening in a box, set it just below eye level and try placing your camera out of it to take some photographs.  And, did I mention we were traveling anywhere from 185 mph to 250mph?  Then hit a speed bump.  Focus, shoot and then tell me how that image looked.   Try it from a car with a window cracked.  Let me just add that you shouldn’t be the one driving.  It’s the small things….


Atlantic Ocean

Atlantic Ocean


The only downside to a small plane…no stewardess.  It was up to me to say, “Please put your seat backs and tray tables in their upright position.”  Thank you for flying with us. 

Now that I make a good ‘wing man’,  What should my call sign be? 


Michelle…always the wing man, never the pilot…Riordan

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  1. Michelle
    I think your call sign should be “f-stop one”.

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