Posted by: Michelle Stella Riordan | June 29, 2011

The Best way to Relax in Ocean City, New Jersey…

The Best way to Relax in Ocean City, New Jersey



I meet so many people during shoots, networking events and my travels.  Just so happens I met this amazing woman via Twitter. We both attended a networking event in Atlantic City.  I saw her name tag and said, “I know you.  We follow each other on Twitter.” 


So, we had a chance to sit down and brainstorm.  Talk about ‘good people’.  Erin is such a great person with a great concept.  We decided to work on a postcard….a picture perfect postcard.  Props were gathered.  Time was set.  People were corralled. 


The session was set for sunrise in Ocean City, New Jersey.  Did you really think I’d shoot this anywhere else? 

 Nature, Scenic & Landscape Photography, Photography By Exposure,

Sunrise in Ocean City, New Jersey

I forgot to mention one little thing…a very little thing….ok, lots of little things…gnats!  There was no breeze this particular morning.  I always carry bug spray.  But, the gnats almost carried Erin and Ryan away.  I only inhaled 10 or so…

 Sunrise in Ocean City, New Jersey

Sunrise in Ocean City, New Jersey

Relax Concierge enhances Jersey Shore vacations with premium rental items and services…

 Ocean City, New Jersey

Erin: Relax Concierge, Ocean City, New Jersey

Special “Thanks” to Ryan Simmons aka The Imagination of Ryan Simmons.  He braved sunrise and bugs to participate in our vision.


How do you like to Relax?


Come play with me in the Sand….


P.S….All gnats signed a  model release.


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  1. These came out great! Thanks for the plug 🙂 Looking forward to working with you again very soon!!!

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