Posted by: Michelle Stella Riordan | July 19, 2011

Why do golfers always wash their balls…?

Why do golfers always wash their balls…?



I don’t golf.  I don’t pretend to golf.  I don’t pretend to want to golf! 

But, I photograph an amazing amount of golf tournaments.  I love driving the cart, meeting people in the weirdest clothes while getting the photos turned around for the (drunken) awards ceremony. 

So, I have been on every golf course in South Jersey with and without celebrities but this golf tournament was a first for me.  This outing was at Stonewall Golf Club in Virginia.  This is a gorgeous course…until you’re standing under a helicopter….

I’ll let Jeanna tell the story via her blog.  Her and her amazing staff certainly know how to propel the game forward. 

I will tell you that in order to cover this, I used 3 cameras from 2 angles.  Photos on her blog.

I got balls!

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  1. What a fun even to be part of. You had some amazing shots of the helicopter and all those golf balls.

  2. Michelle, I knew there was something about you I couldn’t quite put a finger on….

  3. … so, are you going to answer your own question, or just leave us dangling?…

  4. Unfortunately, most of mine get washed when they end up in a lake.

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