Posted by: Michelle Stella Riordan | November 10, 2011

What happens when you go to the Dogs…?

What happens when you go to the Dogs…?


I volunteer or sit on the board of a couple of charities.  It’s my way of keeping grounded and always giving back.

This is one of our participants in our Canine Calendar ‘Pin Up Pups’ to raise money for charity.  It had to be something a little different.  There are literally thousands of dog calendars out there.  Just check out all of the kiosks during the holiday season. 

So we set up several sessions at different locations.  Appointments were made and the fur was flying.  Working with animals can be a blast yet challenging.  But there is such unconditional love about dogs that makes photographing them a soulful experience. 

As I am a person of few words (unless they are sarcastic), here is Ms. November – DAMICA – Always Greytful (Greyhound)


Pin Up Pups, All work copyright

No feathers were harmed in the making of this photograph…maybe drooled on.


 Pin Up Pups Canine Calendar benefitted:

For This One

National Greyhound Adoption Program


What do you do to make a difference?


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  1. Not sure if I make a difference, but I try to volunteer with organizations focused on helping small business and the community. I love working with the local chambers of commerce and Rotary Club of Warrenton. Church is also a great place to find serving opportunities that can make an eternal difference!
    Thanks for all you do for this community Michelle!

    • Jamie,

      I think that your level of commitment to small businesses is amazing. It shows in your passion and professionalism!

      If any small business out there needs a shot in the arm, (we all do) please contact Jamie Gorman Sigma Biz Learning: He has a great blog.
      Thanks, Jamie.

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