Posted by: Michelle Stella Riordan | December 30, 2011

“A Picture is a Poem without Words.” ~ Horace


“A picture is a poem without words.”

~ Horace



Scenic, Nature & Landscape  Photography, Photography By Exposure

Sunrise over Pond


Scenic, Nature & Landscape  Photography, Photography By Exposure

Sun Pillar Forming


“A light pillar is a visual phenomenon created by the reflection of light from ice crystals with near horizontal parallel planar surfaces. The light can come from the Sun (usually at or low to the horizon) in which case the phenomenon is called a sun pillar or solar pillar. It can also come from the Moon or from terrestrial sources such as streetlights.  Light pillars are a kind of optical phenomenon which is formed by the reflection of sunlight or moonlight by ice crystals that are present in the Earth’s atmosphere.

The light pillar looks like a thin column that extends vertically above and/or below the source of light. The light pillar is prominently visible when the Sun is low or lies below the horizon. It normally forms an arc that extends from five to ten degrees beyond the solar disc. Light pillars can sometimes also be seen arising from the Moon.

Light pillars are formed by reflection from ice crystals with roughly horizontal faces.”



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Corporate, Aerials, Conventions, Portfolios and Family Photography


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