Posted by: Michelle Stella Riordan | February 2, 2012

Are you ready for some FOOTBALL…? The Thursday Edition

Are you ready for some FOOTBALL…?


I scheduled a trip in 2009 to visit my son in Colorado.  He had just been transferred by the restaurant he was working for and I had never been there before.  I don’t need a reason to travel.  Really.  I find every reason to travel.  Then I got the call for another Superbowl event.  Silly me.  I thought I had this year off to watch the game.  So, I rebooked my flight plans and came back to work.  It’s insane  but I really do love my job. 

It was great to meet the legendary Dick Butkus from the Chicago Bears.  I only knew him to be this large intimidating linebacker on TV.  He’s large but not intimidating in any way.  What a sweet heart.  He gave his time to chat, take photographs and sign some autographs without a second thought. 

Special Events, Corporate Events, Photo Booth

 Dick Butkus & crew of the restaurant

 Special Events photographer, Corporate photographer, Photo Booth

Dick Butkus: February 1, 2009 


 PS…I did spend a couple of days in Colorado.  Went snowmobiling.  What a blast!

So, here’s My Moment of Zen…Colorado style.


Special Events Photographer

 Snowmobiling in Colorado. Talk about having a peaceful moment.


Special Events Photographer, Photography By Exposure,

Snowmobiling Colorado  


Do you remember who played in the Super Bowl in 2009?


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Family Beach Portraiture

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The Event Photo Booth

Event Photography & Photo Booth

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