Posted by: Michelle Stella Riordan | February 3, 2012

Are you ready for some FOOTBALL…? TGI…Friday!

Are you ready for some FOOTBALL…?


TGIF…Thank Goodness it’s Football. 

Superbowl Sunday and the New York Giants…Perfect together.  I got the call.  Tiki is on tour with his book.  He had retired.  Caesars Atlantic City decided to hold the event in The Pier at one of the Sports Bars.  So, just when I thought I knew how to light every spot at CAC, they threw me a curve.  A tight curve.  And as always.  We make it work.  We never say ‘No’ or ‘It can’t be done’. 

 Did I mention I was a New York Giants Fan?  Just thought I should tell you that…again.  Tiki stopped by Atlantic City in November of 2007.  He was AWESOME! Not just because he was a former Giants player.  He was as sweet as pie with a smile that can light up any dark space.  I was honored to have him grace my lens. 

 Special Events Photographer

Tiki signed many book that evening. 


Special Events Photographer, corporate photographer, Cari Stella assistant

 My assistant snuck in there…also a NY Giants fan.  She is presently traveling the world. 

Follow her antics at


Special Events Photographer, corporate photographer,

Tiki was so gracious.  He posed a moment with me.  How could I resist?  I love my job.


 What do you love about your job?


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